A bit about me

I have always been interested in art and used to work in watercolour.

About twenty years ago, following an English degree and careers in mental health social work and education, I decided to pursue my interest in art professionally. I took a Diploma in Art and Design and a Foundation degree in Applied Art while working part-time.

I found that my previous work experiences often influenced subjects in my art work. I was able to explore visually ideas about the way we live, the subject of power and institutions and the expression of freedom. After college, I developed landscape and seascape and more abstract work. Although I still love to work on colourful, semi-abstract pieces, I have recently returned to recurrent themes concerned with contemporary life -the pressure of perfectionism, the need to take chances, our connections with each other and the ways in which we communicate.

Current Projects

This year I have been working upon the subject of journeys, real and imaginary , creating maps to see where paths lead. The process of making a collage of a recent trip interrailing in central europe took me on an emotional and intellectual journey, exploring the art, the history, the politics. I have also been working on maps of the body interwined with images of geographical features, revealing the interconnectedness of all things. Superimposing the circulatory system over tributary pathways has been quite a challenge! I have been experimenting with the use of tissue paper and Chinese paper to make these as translucent as possible.

I work in a variety of media- paints of all types, pastels, charcoal, pen and ink,mainly on canvas and different papers. For spontaneous, instinctive pieces, I tend to let go with any tool that comes to hand- scrapers, brushes, rags, sponges, water sprays. For precise, detailed work I use nib and ink and watercolour .